Monday, June 22, 2009

Beach cruising

Not that I've been there but apparently there is good outdoor cruising to be had close to Dolphin Beach, Blaauwberg. Busier when the sun is out, it's possible to see how busy by the cars parked in front of the access gate. The road construction may be making parking and access a bit harder but it's winter now anyway. Parking and access is also possible at the edge of Sunset Beach (walk along the beach towards Dolphin Beach and Bloubergstrand to hit the dunes action!)

Sunday, December 03, 2006

MCQP's Comic Strip Party

If you're in Cape Town on December the 16th, consider heading the the Comic Strip themed party being held by MCQP. This annual event is a costume extravaganza that generally involves lots of colour, metres of fabric, rippling body parts and gratuitous flesh. Please, boys and girls.....if you've been avoiding gym this year and plan to don lots of lycra for the event, consider your neighbours and fellow party goers?

Monday, June 26, 2006


If you fancied a drive out of Cape Town and want to try some kite surfing (during the windy summer season), try Langebaan. Nestled on a shallow lagoon (one of the largest, or the largest, oyster graveyard in the world) Langebaan is a sleepy village that is fast becoming popular for those wanting a weekend away from the city.

The West Coast National Park is literally a five minute drive away and is an interesting if somewhat odd drive. You have to pay for the privilege of driving through the park and for that privilege, get to drive in and out of SANP gates - and that's about it. The Geelbek restaurant serves pretty standard fare and it's claim to fame is being the home of the cast of Eve's foot - a footprint left behind in mud by an early human.

The 'industrial' feel to some of these photos is because there was a protective wall being constructed where we stayed. Not that it would do much to protect against the impending global warming, but hey, it keeps people employed!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Love this quote

The day Microsoft makes something that doesn't suck is probably the day they start making vacuum cleaners.


Neoprene time is here soon

Kiteboarding is really big in Cape Town over our summer months. The howling south-easterly wind help attracts wind and water fanatics from all over the world. For the 'appreciative' person, this means lots of beach action, with the sporty jocks stepping in and out of their wetsuits and kitting up with board and sail. A sight to behold indeed, as the pictures kindof show.

To kiteboard in Cape Town you need to be prepared spend time in very cold water, especially when the wind won't blow strong enough. Kiteboarding can be quite dangerous, and instruction is needed before attempting this physically demanding sport. Butch points: 9.5/10

Monday, June 05, 2006

Technical Sabbatical

My life has become exceptionally busy and to boot, iPhoto has given up. Problem being I havent reinstalled it and I wont use windows to sort my pix. Lots of pix from the Pink Loerie to upload too - hope to sort everything out this week!

Monday, May 08, 2006

The fog

Being a coastal city, Cape Town is no stranger to rapid weather changes. Wind and fog are no exception. Blouberg, across the bay from Cape Town has spectacular picture perfect views of the city and Table Mountain. Spectacular until the fog rolls in. Then all you get is a grey 'live' view of the weather map, minus the blue triangles, red semi-circles and badly dressed weather person.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Long Street Baths

If you fancy a good old fashioned Turkish Bath - the sort where you get the crap rubbed and beaten out of you in the name of cleanliness, try the Turkish Baths at the top of Long Street in Cape Town. A heated indoor public swimming pool and Turkish bath delights await. I can not vouch for their current state of repair and use, but they were very popular and well maintained. Not really a gay cruising area - try your luck at Hot House instead - but hey, where there are naked men, there may be action!

Anyone who has been to the baths recently is welcome to post and comment. If not, I'll give them a go :-)